Aston Martin

I took the initiative to redesign the Aston Martin website. I noticed that the website greatly needed to be redesigned. The key characteristics that I needed to focus on improving were the navigation options and the visual appeal of photographs presented. The company also had significant offerings and intriguing news that I needed to find a way to best present to users.

User Experience and Web Design

Addy Award

Aston Martin has several different stakeholders, which made it important to carefully research each market. I wanted to learn what users liked and disliked about the company as a whole. Once I was able to create a picture of what stakeholders desired, I was in a better position to tailor the website to highlight their needs and wants.   

I am a strong advocate for prototyping as a means to receive feedback and attain success. Thus, I created some different prototypes of the website and allowed others to try them out. Through this process, I was able to get a good idea of what would work best.

Aston Martin is continually coming out with new products and consistently has new data to share. However; upon review of my market research, it became clear that there was a need for a dedicated page for this type of information. To meet this need and provide a more interactive platform, I added pages to showcase special offerings, new technology, and an up-to-date news feed. This addition allows users to quickly and easily access desired information.

To address the need to capitalize on the visual appeal of the Aston Martin vehicles, I incorporated better quality photographs on the home page as well as introduced galleries on the product pages.

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